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So patient, friendly and supportive.

HandyWP is an incredible service for anyone who loves blogging but hates dealing with the technology behind it. The entire process is incredibly easy. The platform to submit the request is very user-friendly, the team is swift to reply and get the task done. Plus they take the time to provide any/all details you will need to move forward. Finally, they are so patient, friendly and supportive. I can’t imagine doing this on my own.

—Millie Brinkley, EatsByTheBeach.com

How this works:

It’s simple: you’re not a developer. But you still rely on WordPress which can mean forcing yourself through late-night code marathons you never wanted. With HandyWP, easily hand off all your WordPress headaches and put your focus back on what matters most to you. Here’s how easy it is:

Send us your request

Use our simple messaging tool to send unlimited requests and questions each month.

We'll handle everything

We’ll address each one of your requests, solving most issues in 1-2 days or faster.

You get back to what matters

Grow your audience, run your business, or do more of whatever matters to you.


I’ve been floored at how great the customer service has been with HandyWP. Extremely timely responses and a friendly team. Excited to continue working with you all!

—Sarah Bond, LiveEatLearn.com

Tired of tech lingo?

We speak blogger.

We’re not just developers, we’re bloggers and site owners like you. Which means we know exactly what you need and why you need it. Oh, and we’ll never talk over your head with all the usual tech jargon. We promise.

Friendly developers.

We’ve been where you are and we know how tough WordPress can be. We’ll never condescend, be rude, or talk over your head.

Quick responses.

No more waiting days for a busy developer to return your email. We’ll always respond to your request within 1 business day.

Fast, quality solutions.

We’re dedicated to clean, long-lasting code so your blog stays strong and fast. If it’s built on WordPress and it’s fixable, we’ll fix it.

You're the boss.

Always know where you stand.

You’re in charge. Which means you should always know where your requests stand, which are complete, and which are pending. No more waiting days or weeks for a developer to return your email. No more wondering if your developer is actually working on your problem. No more banging your head against the wall for weeks. Instead, your dashboard will tell you exactly how each request is progressing.

Real-time updates.

Never get stuck wondering where your requests are sitting in your developer’s queue. With our real-time dashboard, you can instantly see how everything’s progressing.

Changeable priorities.

If you’ve got a full queue of “nice-to-have” site changes and suddenly something completely breaks and needs a fast fix, just re-prioritize your tickets and we’ll take care of you.


We haven’t been with HandyWP very long. We’re super impressed so far with the work they’ve done. The time it saves to have them do fixes compared to the time it takes us to do the fixes, it just makes sense to hire out the service to professionals.

—Brian Johnson, Crazy Dad Talks

All the bells & whistles.

One simple price.

There are enough moving pieces to your website already. So we’re keeping things simple. All of our customers get 100% access to all of our services for one affordable monthly price. No up-sells, no gimmicks, no price tiers. Just one simple price for one incredible service.

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Still have questions?

We have answers.

We understand that a service like ours can be a big investment for a site owner like you. Which means you probably have questions. Below, are some answers to questions you might have. If we’ve missed something, you can also send us your question via email.

After years of blogging ourselves, we built HandyWP for fellow bloggers and site owners who simply hate the development know-how required to run a WordPress blog. HandyWP is a great fit for marketing managers, food bloggers, travel bloggers, business bloggers, mommy bloggers, site owners, finance bloggers, cat gif bloggers, totally-obscure-board-game-from-1980 bloggers….

Ok. It’s for any kind of blogger or site owner. If you run a website built on WordPress, we can help you.

Yes. We wouldn’t lie to you.

Here’s how it works:

You can submit unlimited requests and questions to our team of talented developers & WordPress support agents. We then process each request one-by-one as quickly as possible (usually within 1-2 business days).

You can also re-prioritize your requests and we’ll handle them according to urgency.

If you need work completed more quickly, we will work with you to develop a custom plan that fits your specific needs.

Sorry, we don’t have a free trial.

But you can get your first month for $10 by entering promo code FIRSTMONTH10 at checkout (shh, don’t tell anyone.)

We also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If our work doesn’t meet your standards at any time, we’ll gladly refund your most recent payment—hassle-free.

There’s no catch. The reason it’s so much cheaper to hire us than it is to hire a developer is because we’re using economies of scale to save you tons of money. It’s a math thing.

HandyWP is best for quick fixes, site adjustments, and code issues. The most successful requests are ones that are broken down into the smallest pieces possible. This eliminates back-and-forth and speeds up response time.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer extensive development such as coding a theme from scratch, migrating a WordPress site, or helping you recover from a site-wide hack. For larger projects, we’d be more than happy to connect you with a trusted developer.

We operate by a general rule of thumb, a request should be something we can complete in 60 minutes or less. That does not mean you can’t ask for larger requests, it just means larger requests may need to be broken down into smaller pieces in order to make them more manageable. 

If you still have questions we haven’t answered here, please send us an email. We’d love to chat more with you.